Book Review: The Garden of GOD’s Word

Author: Fran Rogersevolve_title

Book: The Garden of GOD’s Word

Purpose: “My desire in writing this second book in the series Little Books About the Magnitude of GOD is to encourage, and stir up a new interest among GOD’s people of His Word. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will incite a zeal for GOD’s Word that we as GOD’s people so desperately need. It is the written Word that speaks of Jesus Christ, the living Word. It is the language, the vocabulary and dialect for a select people to who GOD gives His Spirit of interpretation.” (Preface)

Summary: The book talks about the human heart as the garden to sow seeds of GOD’s word for fruition of Christian life. The heart must be fertile by listening, understanding and storing to produce fruit of obedience. On the other hand GOD’s word takes form of different parts of the heart garden as resting benches, exotic plants, pathways, ponds, brooks, light etc.

Roger has tried explaining the process of hear, hide and heed with respect to GOD’s words in human hearts-the garden of GOD’s word. First believers must listen the WORD and then memorize to hide in those WORDs and obey to heed the WORD in order to please GOD by producing love fruit.

Providing guidelines to mature the infant born again Christian, the book shows process of identification, implication and application of the GOD’s Word having continuous fellowship with family and local church members by sharing the revelation received from GOD.

The book quotes from Jesus Christ, Prophet Isaiah, Apostle Peter, Charles Spurgeon-prince of Preachers, Psalms and self claimed apostle Paul to provide insights on revelations, regeneration, sanctification, glorification and proclamation with respect to GOD’s word meditation that is different from yoga and Hinduism meditation.

Memorable Quotes:

 “Meditation on GOD’s Word is not like any other. There are many who believe in Jesus Christ, but practice other meditation, including Transcendental Meditation and Yoga” “I was involved in TM when in I was younger and it works, if all you want to do is become your own god and fulfill your own agenda.” Pg 48

 “Jesus spoke of some who would be counterfeits. There is no plastic fruits and no plastic flowers in HIS garden” Pg 54

“Well, you know what you know, and I know what I know.” Pg 58

Thanks to Fran for using her experiences of childhood, family, grandchildren and dream of receiving more hidden coins to share the tales of growing as GOD’s word for fruition and sharing how GOD guided her step by step stages of maturity. The way she quotes Charles Spurgeon prince of Preachers displays her seriousness in growing up as GOD’s garden sprouting Words of Jesus. 77-year-old has been actively engaged as blogger and donating to charities.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Garden of GOD’s Word

    1. Thanks for your book…It really helped me a lot giving new perspective to giving important place to GOD”s word and yes thanks for sharing your revelations and experience in the’s a great book..GOD bless u

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