GOD healed my WOUNDED heart like Joseph: What about yours?

Was Christian since childhood in one of the poorest country Nepal where Christianity is in primitive stage with Jesus as role model back then even in school days. During high school days fell into various problems due local church and financial crisis. The pastor of local church was charged with embezzlement followed by faction among members.


Deceived and hurt heart

Being Christian during late teens and adulthood was challenging due to purity issues, GOD’s calling, ministry and career. Discovered Christians not walking with GOD’s purpose deceiving me from living godly life was heart breaking. The Bible reading, evangelism, fellowship and prayer were distant thing for them. With such experience during mid-twenties I felt deceived even from Christianity and threw all the Christian books bought with my pocket-money since grade 7. I asked GOD, “Why should I only be the one trying to please while those rascals are false enjoying Christianity?” Couldn’t abandon my faith after realizing GOD is bigger than Christianity and Christians. 

False accusation-traps-frustrated people

I was trapped into many difficult situations falsely accused by evil schemers. If it hadn’t been GOD, then so-called Christians, non-believers, job manager and world would have already devoured me. Pierced with evil attitudes, words and actions my heart was deeply wounded. I wondered, “What made them so wild, and evil schemers.” Answer: “It was the society where they grew up.” I stopped having connections with some frustrated people who hurt others around them and themselves. Christian’s family is Christians, but if surrounding Christians are always fighting what can be the safe option?

Healed deceived wounded heart in January 2017

Today I say confidently my deceived wounded heart is completely healed for which I did not even pray. Since last week there is no hatred and anger against provoking people. It’s the greatest miracle I have experience until today because I was rarely physically ill. Healing of my heart has awed me. Memory of false accusations has faded away. I realized, “They are fooling themselves and don’t know what they are doing. Lord forgive them.” I no longer punch walls, pillows and beds in anger with tearing eyes against those evil people and circumstances.

Lesson understood from GOD curing heart wounds of Joseph

Only GOD can help to forget all sorrows by healing wounded heart to forgive those who do evil against us. When Joseph had his eldest son Manasseh he said Genesis 41:51, “LORD has helped me to forget all my pains.” He did not have any anger against his deceptive brothers who tried to kill him, trap and sold him to slavery. The false accusation of rape to imprisonment and chief cup-bearer deceiving his kindness was not matter of harm anymore. Joseph was completely healed in heart and forgot the deception and pain caused by his brothers, master and cup bearer.

Smells something great

With long years of troubles, deception, pain and wounded heart miraculously healed, I sense GOD is nearing to do something great in my life. I did not compromise with world, riches and lusts despite opportunities. I continuously bowed head, lied in bed, walked around saying, “GOD I want to live the life you have for me. Have your will be done and not mine.” Joseph had second son Ephraim meaning blessed twice with children in land of suffering in Genesis 41:52 proving that GOD prospered him fruitful in womb and field doubly amid troubles. The aromatic smell of prosperity with fruitfulness for fulfilling GOD’s plan is filling my senses.

9 thoughts on “GOD healed my WOUNDED heart like Joseph: What about yours?

  1. Ya..it surprising and shocking on how GOD heals wounded heart…all the people who think they forgive on their effort are just lying and i can tell you this by this lifelong experience..Sir..It takes GOD healing our hearts and forgetting all the evil deeds of others..they don’t hurt anymore…it’s gone!!! We need GOD’s help for forgiving…by this incident I just understood what forgiveness actually is from new perspective…I was really awed and amazed by actual point JESUS was making on forgiveness while praying…it was not only healing, but experience, lesson, revelation and great message from GOD.


  2. Thank you for again sharing how our great and Almighty God works individually in and through us according to His timing. He always keeps us, grows us and brings Himself all the glory. Blessings as you continue to experience and are a witness to His grace. ~ Fran

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  3. Thank~Fran….it’s a healing only GOD could do and can do to anybody…Thanks be to GOD for such healing…He does it in his own timing…and we need many years of patience wit goodwill…


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