Warning to Christians from Jonathan’s life

Jonathan was a great friend of David through fellowship, friendship, covenants, co-warriors and mutual help saving David from the wrath of his cruel father king Saul-enemy of GOD. Despite all this, Jonathan did not run away to support David in future and later died bitter death with his father during the battle. Life of Jonathan is a life lesson to warn every human, that even if GOD loving people walk together with GOD’s enemy, they might suffer judgments like Jonathan.

Jonathan’s love and armor for David

1 Samuel 14 says Jonathan was a mighty warrior killing 20 strong of Philistine soldiers together with his arm bearer.  1 Samuel 18 say he became friends with David with GOD’s love stripping himself of royal robes, armors, bow, swords and belt and gave them to David who had killed Goliath to save Israelites on 1 Samuel 17. Many times Jonathan cried for David because of true friendship and protected David from his evil father Saul by helping him to escape with loyalty in 1 Samuel 19. Moreover when David was in the desert fleeing from Saul, Jonathan went and met David revealing all the plans of evil Saul providing strength through prophecy 1Sameul 23:16, “Don’t be afraid, because hand of Saul my father will not find you, and you will be king over Israel and I will be next to you, Saul my father knows that also.” Jonathan played a major role in David life through GOD, and there is no doubt that Jonathan really loved GOD unlike his evil dad Saul-enemy of GOD.

Jonathan died by not running away with David from his evil father

jonathan_lovingly_taketh_his_leave_of_david_by_julius_schnorr_von_carolsfeldNo matter how helpful Jonathan was with David, Jonathan made a fatal mistake by following and battling for his evil father Saul instead of GOD’s anointed future king David. Jonathan knew he must avoid his father and go with David to battle against Philistines and other pagan nations to extend Israel nation. Jehovah finally caused Saul to suffer war and death along with of Jonathan. Jonathan was a great person knowing to love enemy and neighbor. GOD’s enemy is our enemy and GOD’s neighbor is our neighbor. It would have been life saving decision for Jonathan if he had never returned to his dad Saul-enemy of GOD when he had met David in the desert for the last time in 1 Samuel 23. Every sons and daughters of Saul perished as judgment of GOD’s wrath for not abandoning their evil father abandoned by GOD even as per Samuel’s prophecy. However GOD saved Jonathan’s son Mephiboseth but turned him lame since 5 years due to judgment on evil Saul, because of Jonathan’s kindness to David.

Warning to GOD’s people

GOD’s people should abandon person abandoned by GOD for safety from GOD’s judgment. The enemies of GOD are those who know GOD Jehovah, but later battles against GOD like Saul, Nimrod, Satan and Judas Iscariot. We should always pay careful to humble people pleasing GOD like 11 apostles who harvest and sow with GOD. Meanwhile we should love enemy of GOD but we should never help them to battle against GOD which is nothing but indirectly supporting Satan like Judas Iscariot who killed Jesus through deception and love of money. Didn’t Saul love riches, power, humans and pleasure more than GOD trying to deceive by giving sinful sacrifice? The one who deceives GOD deceives everyone including their family members. Didn’t Saul try to kill Jonathan in 1Samuel20:33? Instead of running away like David did, Jonathan still pursued after evil Saul-the enemy of GOD even after repeated signs of GOD’s warning of judgments.

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