Thanks to 104 WordPress Followers: I have more than a blog

It’s great to announce you that I have reached more than 1o4 Word Press Followers to shower their blessings on me. Heartwarming thank you in the name of LORD Jesus Christ. I pray that you prosper in soul, spirit and body with the WORD of GOD. I am somehow able to read writing from various bloggers who love LORD now and then along with family, real life situation, witness, pictures and quotes. 

Little background on my blog startup

It all began in 2016 when I had given up my job due to spiritual backlog in relationship problem with Jesus. I really felt spiritually deserted while working for a Christian INGO that worked for uplifting children and woman. It was a nice job as I was Communications Coordinator with great amount of salary and bonuses with frequent travels, photography and story writing.After lot of struggle in my heart between Jesus, career, finance and friends I finally chose to be with Jesus and his calling in my life. The other reason for leaving job was working with unethical pagan colleagues that were dishonest in job cheating the INGO by making money through false bills. “There can be no fellowship between darkness and light.”

This blog isn’t my first blog because I had started a Christian blog “Voracious Writer” since 2010. But as I had started to live a new life under Christ by giving my selfish plan and goals, I felt encouraged to start a new blog “Gadol Elohai” meaning Great GOD

Goals of my blog is to speak about GOD’s pain

I sincerely tell you that my blog is especially dedicated to Christ alone. I did not start it to please people but to serve Jesus Christ alone. If anyone reads and gets changed through this blog, that is Christ’s doing, because as a man I cannot change human  because we all know how corrupt the ways of our hearts are. It’s not about telling my pain, but glorifying and speaking about that one man named Jesus(WORD) that died for us in Cross. I am telling you I have developed a habit of remembering pain of GOD rather than my suffering. And that’s the goal of my blog-to tell whole world that GOD so loved the world that he gave only his son to die for us with bitter pain and suffering when we were still sinners. Try it! you will have new perspective and meaning of life. This life is to live through pain of Christ and that’s what this blog is about.

I have more than a blog to share Christ’s pain

I started a Facebook public group called Stop Christian Persecution and other persecutions to share the posts related to persecution to sensitized the Facebook users on acting against the Christian persecution and any other form of persecution. The group did not have much attention from the group members in the beginning but later some people started posting. More over many people are asking to join the group and  I make them member of the group. This group really has been a blessing. A Christian servant in South Africa also asked me to make Matchstick Challenge Against Christian Persecutions There has been frequent conversation as the group of Indians from South Africa is willing to work with me to start a campaign against the Christian persecution, but I have not yet replied due to lack of clear instruction from Almighty. I never approached them, it was themselves who have surprise me with such collaborations. If you are interested then you can join the group and share posts related to Christian Persecution to create public awareness on social media.

I also started YouTube Channel Gadol Elohai during the same time to share GOD’s message, debates and awareness videos. Now I am waiting to get hands on really good camera to make quality videos for sharing Christ with Nepalese and foreigners. I have worked harder in sharing Christ through various types of videos and discovered that I at least need some staffs to create videos under the various categories because I could not do it alone because of tiredness. I am unable to handle it alone as it consumer more time, energy and creativity. If you are YouTube user and own Gmail address, you can subscribe and support the channel.Visit: Gadol Elohai:Father’s Service, Son’s work, Spirit’s gift

My next plan:

Create effective pamphlets and news letters to speak against Christian persecution in Nepal. It’s just one of the great opportunity to share gospel directly to people saying, “Don’t persecute Christian and others” and then introduce them to great GOD. I am busy looking for causes, effects, history and prevention of Christian persecution along with facts of some other type of persecution for newsletters and pamphlets. If you think you know the causes, effects, history and prevention of Christian persecution then please mail them at I really need as much as many informative sources so please don’t hesitate to forward them. The plan is to create a mass awareness campaign directly on the streets, academic institution and door to door public awareness on grim reality of Christian persecution.

Thank you,

Life is short, forget Christ not! Christ loved and died to tell the world that he suffered for their sins! It’s better to preach suffering Christ than luring with other means of message. The message of Cross triumphs all !!! 

Why don’t you start telling the person sitting next to you, “Stop Christian Persecution and Other Persecution” and introduce them to CHRIST’s persecution reasons. Now isn’t that the gospel?

2 thoughts on “Thanks to 104 WordPress Followers: I have more than a blog

  1. I have been following you for a while now but I think that this is the first time when I actually got to know about you. I don’t know how to express what I feel right now to read your story and also the reason why this blog exists. My connection with Jesus is weak, and it’s something I’m not very proud of. I wish to get connected through Facebook! May the almighty always shower his blessings on you!

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  2. Thanks brother… is my facebook profile and is a link to a Facebook Public group “Stop Christian Persecution and other persecutions” my Gadol Elohai YouTube Channel which you can support by subscribing, commenting and sharing the videos, is a link to Matchstick challenge videos against Christian Persecution which you can again support by subscribing and sharing to speak against Christian persecution if you are gmail user. Thanks


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