Avoid opposites of Happiness for joy || 15 Seconds Wisdom

People spend life time finding secret of happiness. Most of them make a choice to be happy over situations even if it’s critical, but practically it doesn’t work like that. Such type of acts leads to only pretension to joy-happiness. The core is not deciding to be opposites of happiness in order to be happy. The opposites of happiness are sad, worry, grumble, anger etc. Bible instructs “Don’t be angry” “Don’t worry” Don’t grumble” “Don’t be covetous” just to tell the believers to avoid the traits leading to opposites of happiness-joy. To be happy don’t grumble that’s it. Joy-happiness does not come by mere choice and you may ask why? The answer is Joy-Happiness is actually gift of the Holy Spirit. It does not come by humans’ decision alone, but it comes by actions and thoughts. The words Jesus spoke are TRUTH and SPIRIT as John 6:63 which produces true happiness and joy. What’s the reason of happiness is what matters? Are they the will of GOD, heaven upward or selfish whims or earth downward? Choose GOD’s will, heaven upward, Word, traits, characters etc to produce genuine joy.

Here is a link for Joy  Series from Kay Warren: Choose Joy Devotional Videos

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