The process of Godly fear|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

A child fears anything by experiencing pain like burn of fire. Child fears by hearing information like ghost never seen. The fear usually starts from experiences of harm and heard information. It’s the same with godly fear startup that begin from the Godly knowledge, principles, laws, judgments, sovereignty, existence of heaven-hell informing on right-wrong, godly-ungodly, spiritual-unspiritual, earthly-heavenly, with respective consequences of rewards-punishment and life-death. The purposes for GOD to give and appear through WORDs for humans are to fill with fear. “Assemble people to hear my WORDs so that they will fear me and teach WORDS to their children,” commanded GOD in Deuteronomy 4:10. Likewise Proverbs1:7, Job28:28 and Psalms 111:10-said of Godly fear, “The fear of GOD is beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. The one who obeys commands and stays away from evil is understanding.” The haters of wisdom and discipline lack knowledge and understanding due to lack of Godly fear by despising GOD’s WORD in first place.

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