Call on Christian YouTubers for practical gospel sharing

Probably a month ago, a person named Xavier Tiny sent me a video message entitled with “Zoar to the Mountain” in Facebook. I was happy to realize it was Christian YouTube Channel after checking some videos and then subscribed the channel.


Unlike other Christian YouTubers, Tiny’s “Zoar to the Mountains” is about 2-6 minutes pure message from the Bible. Surprisingly other young Christian YouTubers presenting advice on dating, prom, tag dating, daily activities and answering questions have more views and likes compared to Tiny’s channel. Tiny is very simple with formal dress with message of Truth contrast to other Christian YouTubers with make ups to share experiences and answer questions ending with requests to subscribe their channels begging for donations.

Tiny seems to be doing quite well in terms of sharing the message, but it seems there are only few people on earth ready to hear TRUTH as Jesus has explained. While other Christian YouTubers have 1000s of subscribers, Mr. Tiny has about only 59 subscribers and few likes. Frankly speaking I am happy to listen to Tiny than fancy Christian YouTubers sharing their sugarcoated witness, dating experience, dating advice and their fun videos.

Almost every young Christian YouTubers produce similar types of videos created by fellow Christian YouTubers !!!

What are you up to with party dances and car drive presentations with dates?Where are Christly things like prayer, fellowship, Bible sharing, worship, gospel sharing, house visit to believers in slums if possible?

There are lots of things YouTubers can do with cameras gifted by Jesus for sharing gospel than just informing some confused young Christians by answering questions which creates more confusion. There is some very good Christian Youtube Channel tutoring worship songs with musical lessons, answering theological questions and debates, outreach programs, seminar presenting, sermon sharing, awareness programs and guiding to walk godly life. The Young Chiristian YouTubers should try to emulate such type of categories from mature Christian Channels to share Christ sincerely without means of selfish ambition.

It’s not about fun; it’s about sharing gospel seriously. It’s not about subscription, likes, comments and shares from fans; it’s about the depth of Christ centered TRUTH. What if the Christian YouTubers have millions of subscribers but Christ is missing among them? What if Christ never shared and liked the Christian YouTube Channels presentations? It’s not about business; it’s about life saving through Christ.

It might shock the readers to read this- One Nepali Christian YouTube Channel has some football match videos glorifying Leo Messi with the message, “The greatest player ever.” I ain’t expecting to see Hollywood, sport and musical junky celebrity videos on Christian YouTube Channel except Christ and his WORD. Don’t try to make me other celebrity other than one true celebrity-The Christ. The other celebrities don’t impress me much!!!!

The message “The greatest player ever” doesn’t impress me much either because I grew up hearing, seeing and experiencing a message, “For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, whosoever believes in him shall have eternal life but not perish.”

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