One question that probably changed world

All the apostles and disciples of the early churches, prophets of the Old Testament died with godly devotion.

Blessed Seth taught GOD’s WORDs to son Enosh’s generation. From the time of Enosh people starting calling the name of LORD says the Genesis 4:26. Those who call on the name of LORD shall be saved say the Joel 2:32. They called and responded saying yes and amen to everything revealed by WORD. They knew one name of GOD-“WORD” which is forgotten by this adulterous generation.

But how did they do this?

The thing that made generation of Seth different from other generation of Cain and Adam was most probably they had learnt to ask one right question out of many important questions “Is this from GOD?” This question blessed them with fear of GOD because they cross checked the situations, imaginations and people with spoken WORDs of GOD. They called on the name of the LORD when there was confusion and trouble for Godly devotion and guidance.

GOD’s name calling

They remembered GOD in each and every moment of life to have clear Godly directions by asking question, “Is this from GOD” by reflecting GODs WORD while remembering not to grieve the Spirit of GOD. GOD remembers those who remember GOD through his WORD and Spirit. Only GOD’s WORD can reveal humans weather the situations, people, imagination and dreams are from GOD because GOD is please to speak and guide through his name “WORD.”

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