Wisdom-Understanding-Knowledge || 15 Seconds Wisdom

1 Kings 6:14 writes, “Hiram was filled with Wisdom-Understanding-Knowledge to do all kinds of bronze work.” Both Understanding and Wisdom are higher level of Knowledge of Spirit’s gift, ministries, livelihood, skills, careers and every areas of life. Knowledge makes possible carry on life by producing deeper knowledge- Understanding and Wisdom. The first level of Knowledge is developed by learning information through observation, listening and experiencing spiritual and physical worlds. Then explanations, interpretation and reasoning of Knowledge are made to develop mid-level knowledge-Understanding by answering questions of when-how-where-who-when-why-is it etc. Lastly Wisdom is process and methods applied to execute the Knowledge and Understanding. Wisdom is about practicing Knowledge and Understanding through experience. Just as baby grows to Wo/Man, Knowledge grows to Wisdom. Wisdom is but matured knowledge like Wo/Man is matured baby. Hence Wisdom is highest level of Knowledge.


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