Bread of affliction|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

Even before Christ made shocking statement in John 6 “This Bread is my Flesh,” Moses had shocking revelation of unleavened Bread of Affliction without yeast in Deuteronomy 16:3. Most Jews didn’t understand Bread of Affliction of the Passover commanded by Moses. Moses was prophesying the body of Jesus shattered for sin offering as ransom for mankind. Jesus tried to teach Jews and world of His times that He was that Bread of Affliction of Passover prophesied by Moses. “The Word became Flesh,” says John 1:14 speaking of Man Jesus. “Man lives by every Word proceeding from GOD’s mouth,” prophesied for life-giving manna-WORD Jesus coming down of heaven in Deuteronomy 8:3. Those who believe in GOD must believe that GOD-WORD incarnated as sinless Man Jesus to suffer as sin offering to redeem creation. GOD’s Word are being eaten when read, heard, believed, taught, decorated and obeyed for survival with faith that GOD-WORD became sin offering(unleavened Bread of Affliction) of Passover.

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