Blessed lonely seed-Message to all lonely people

Anyone who is lonely will not regret of their loneliness for righteousness after reading this Truth.A true loneliness is about being apart from GOD’s presence just as Cain and his generations. In this sense Enoch along with many GOD fearing Biblical people were never lonely because they walked with GOD for a lifetime amid corrupted generation.

Yet this lonely walk in GOD without having any GOD fearing human support is painful because everyone needs other human to exchange feelings, love and purpose. It was the same with lonely Adam unless Eve was created for divine fellowship. From the beginning GOD wanted to teach that painful loneliness is part of GOD’s purpose to bring into divine fellowship with right kind of people for productive faith.

One lonely seed sown grows to produce more fruits with many seeds.

Lonely seed Jesus

Jesus once spoke parable revealing a seed is sown in ground to die produces a lot of fruits. Jesus was speaking of his death, resurrection and ascension from this parable. Jesus was just one lonely seed coming to earth to suffer for mankind with victory of life against death.

Lonely seed God-fearing believer

There are only some who respects GOD’s word with practice. GOD fearing people are very rare living lonely life among ungodly false believers and non believers. Biblical characters like Jacob-Joseph-Moses are examples of this.

Lonely seed suffer but GOD cares

The lonely seeds always suffer persecution from all direction with only GOD helping them to withstand harsh condition like a seed planted in good soil struggles against all environmental odds. It is GOD who takes in charge of taking care of the lonely seeds providing spiritual water, light, air and manure. He protects those lonely true believers finally prospering them with 30-60-100 fold of fruition.

Challenges of lonely seed believers

Though GOD protects and cares needs of lonely believers, they have many challenges like those of lonely seeds sown among weeds, thorny bush, stony lands and pathways. Instead of choosing sorrow of worldly needs, the lonely believer must look up to heaven by deepening roots towards GOD’s word. The more they are rooted in GOD’s word more they can prevail amid worldly-satanic-false believers.

Suggestions to GOD fearing lonely seeds

It is better to walk alone with GOD with righteousness than to have fellowship with corrupted people. Let us remember lonely Elizah fed by crow in a river bank, lonely widow in dangerous gentile nation and angel in desert because GOD was taking care of him in extra ordinary way compared to contemporary Israelites. He fled to GOD’s mountain due to sinful corruption in Israel despite his prophecy, miracles and prayer. When he said to GOD, “I am the only one left,” God reminded him of other lonely rare believers who hadn’t been corrupted. He returned back to have fellowship with those rare believers and ascended to heaven alive in fiery horse chariot.

Keep walking with GOD even if it means to walk alone like Enoch-Moses-Eliza-John the Baptist did leaving worldly pleasure for GOD’s kingdom.

Duty of lonely believer seeds

Keep on proclaiming GOD’s kingdom despite rejection. Keep on living Godly life amid adulterous generation though they mock. Only righteous person can exalt nation and one righteous person does makes a difference. GOD did not destroy mankind completely by flood because there was one rare lonely righteous man Noah who believed GOD. Peter says Noah was preacher of righteousness. Keep on saying GOD’s dream like Joseph did. Keep on fighting GODly fight like Jacob did. Keep on loving people and law like Moses did. Keep on baptizing like John the Baptist did. Keep on prophesying like Eliza did and keep on suffering like Job did. Keep on forsaking world for GOD’s kingdom like Abraham did. Be forsaken like Jesus was in crucifixion-forsaken even by HIS Spirit-the Father.

Only lonely rare believers saved the world to make a difference.




14 thoughts on “Blessed lonely seed-Message to all lonely people

  1. Doing the right thing is always more demanding than doing wrong. The path is narrow and lonely. But I thank God for an encouraging statement in the blog post that says better to be alone with God than many unrighteous people.

    God bless you sir!

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