Call on WP bloggers to provide information for pamphlets against Christian Persecutions

Dear bloggers

I may not be Western-White, Afro-American, Anglo-Saxon, North-Asians but I am closely related to Mid-Eastern Israelite with eastern taste from Nepal and I can make a lot of difference like Christ did although Word Press is flooded with westerners plagued with racism, discrimination, violence and persecution.

See, I have been looking for information on Christian Persecution because I am looking forward to design gospel pamphlets entitled, “Stop Christian Persecution and others” amid Nepali Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and atheists. I will also be sharing the pamphlets online for social networks and news portals.

So, I am calling the willing bloggers to at least provide me connections to handouts and pamphlets ever published and distributed to avoid Christian Persecution both online and offline. This is a chance for you to sow seed of information to share gospel to people by sharing persecution of Christ and Christians around the globe. And please provide the connections in comment section below and share websites of agencies working to solve Christian Persecutions.

You would be happy to hear that some people are already willing to fund for the development of the pamphlets to share the people  “Stop Christian Persecution and others.” which actually is sharing gospel.

Thank YOU.


7 thoughts on “Call on WP bloggers to provide information for pamphlets against Christian Persecutions

  1. Are you hoping to pass out these as awareness of Christian persecution and an opportunity to share the Gospel through them?
    I read a few news few months back that the current government in Nepal and constitution isn’t all friendly to Christians. Is that the case and is there things I can pray for you and those you know who are effected?

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    1. Israelites were not friendly to Jesus either…so there must not be any excuse to stop preaching gospel to hard hearted…and persecution should not be feared…ya i am some how trying to preach gospel to Nepalese by telling them not to persecute Christians…i am sad that Christian humanitarian agencies aren’t focusing on these sad issues of worst Christian persecution…there is no rescue..there is no rehabilitation..there is no advocacy and there is not policy against such harsh treatments to treatments..i have to do this because if i don’t do what i am called to one else will do it for me

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