Pray against congregation will contrary to GOD’s will saying, “Not my will and men’s will but your will be done “

My Witness, King Saul and King Jesus

Few years back, I was taken aback when I was suddenly revealed to marry a girl while praying. I could not understand what was happening because for many years before this point of time, I was actually in love with another girl whom I never dated worldly ways to keep our romance Godly.

I prayed in confusion, “GOD what’s happening! I struggled so hard for my romance with another girl and now this girl is being shown to me.”

Then after sometime I began to understand about the reality. The church knew I was in love with another girl but still pastor including some leaders were pointing me to marry the new girl who was very interested in me as if I was now ‘reserved’ for her. With much courage I showed leaders and her disinterest, “I am not willing to marry her.” sometimes she was 24/7 in my mind during which I continuously prayed, “GOD I don’t want her, why is she being forced to me?” I understood church had their plan to employ me as church staff if I married this one which was sort of temptation as well.

After years of continuous searching of GOD’s genuine will, I was revealed certain truth just a week ago.

As I prayed I was revealed-girl church wants me to marry is actually congregations will by praying so hard that they wanted their will than GOD’s will in seeking mate for this girl.

I prayed, “LORD I don’t want to fulfill man’s will but yours and break the selfish prayers to be church staff by process that is contrary to your ways and thoughts” I have stopped going to that church for 5 years now because they did not care about GOD’s will.

Something from Israelites choice on King Saul

Many are confused about Saul’s anointed of GOD as king whether it came from man or GOD. Today that confusion will vanish if you will bear some moments of careful reading Saul’s anointing actually happened as Israelites will instead of GOD’s will.

God says Samuel to listen to people who rejected GOD as their King.

“Listen to all that people are saying to you, it is not you they have rejected but they have rejected me as their king,” 1 Samuel 8:7  But the people refused to listen to him and said, “No, we want a king over us.” Samuel reported this back to GOD but GOD replied, “Listen to them and give them their king.” 1 Samuel 8:19-22

Samuel is revealed of a man named Saul to be anointed as King in 1 Samuel 9:17 “This is the man I spoke to you about; he will govern my people.”

But in 1 Samuel 9:20 Samuel says he will reveal what is in the heart of Saul and tells reason of his  anointing as king was because of Israelites choice of him, “ And to whom all the desire of Israelites turned, if not you and your whole family line.”

Even after hearing Samuel’s clear revelation, Saul was rejecting GOD like Israelites were doing by taking decision to be anointed as king of human will. If Saul wanted he could have relented congregation will against GOD’s will for his coronation. But as per Samuel, Saul already had that rebellious heart to be a king rejecting GOD.

1 Samuel 10:1 Saul is anointed with flask of oil saying “Has not the LORD anointed you the ruler of over his inheritance.” The flask is manmade vessel whereas rams horn are GOD made. David was anointed with oil of ram’s horn in 1 Samuel 16:30. Also note that when Saul’s kingship was renewed in Gilgal by Isrealites there was no anointing but David was anointed thrice once when Samuel anointed with ram’s horn in1 Samuel 16:13, then anointed king by Judha tribe in 2 Samuel 2:4 and anointed king by whole Israelites in Hebron in 2 Samuel 5:3. Thus David’s kingship was approved with anointing but Saul’s kingship only renewed with temporary appointment.

In 1 Samuel 11:15, Israelites appoint King Saul in Gilgal despite the repeated warning of GOD resulting 1 Samuel 12:16-18 for GOD was displeased over their decision of appointing Saul as king by sending thunder and rain trembling people.

Finally people admit their mistake in I Samuel 16:20 saying “We have added to all our others sins by asking for a king.”

As per prophetic Law of Moses in Deuteronomy 17:14-20 of appointing King, people had to chose GOD’s will. But Samuel is repeatedly showing Israelites that Saul is their choice and not GOD’s choice based on height, looks and status.

Jesus rejects will of man to be king 

John 12:12-17 presents the grand entry of Jesus into Jerualemn, where he rides in a donkey, people celebrate by spreading palm branches shouting, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD, blessed is the king of Israel.” It is quite shocking that when people wanted to crown, Jesus as King, he escaped from them to the mountains. He did not want to be king appointed by people with force contrary to GOD’s will earlier in John 6:14-15.

Later at the Garden of Gethsemane, he is arrested and taken for trial. There soldiers crown him with thorns, clothed with purple robe and rod, calling him, “Hail, king of Jews.” But earlier Jesus had said in John 12:36, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But my kingdom is from another place.” Pilate approved Jesus as “King of Jews” in John 12:19. But as said earlier Jesus is saying he is king of heaven who came to earth as the king of Jews not appointed by men but by GOD himself. He carried the cross all the way to Golgatha for crucifixion where he died enthroned.

Men always become fool when they don’t try to seek GOD’s will like Israelites crowning king Saul and later Jesus to lead them to fight against the established system of Roman empire, but thank GOD Jesus relented.

Dear GOD, “Not my will and men’s will but your will be done.” Amen. Because men’s will are temporary appointments but GOD’s will endures with anointing approvals.


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