11 things Leaders should think twice before blaming absent church members

There are many possible reasons for millennials to drop out from attending Church, but I came up 11 answers to this problem.

  1. Merging Sabbath Day with Church Day- big problem almost impossible to correct

These days all around the world people directly and indirectly observe Sabbath with one day of national holiday either on Sunday or Saturday. According to Jewish tradition, Sabbath falls on Saturday as in Israel and Nepal. Genesis 2:1-3 details Sabbath Day is GOD’s resting from all finished creation works blessed with holiness by GOD.  Moses clearly instructs in Exodus, Numbers, Levites and Deuteronomy to OBSERVE Sabbath as one of the ten commandments of GOD by resting from works to remember GOD’s resting.

Sabbath Day is being observed as Church Day where people go to certain buildings to gather to worship LORD as traditions men developed over a period of time. Hence they attend Church to observe Sabbath that is quite contradictory according to Genesis and other Books of Moses as people come out of their houses to go to Church in a different place instead of resting.

  1. Distorting Church concept to buildings instead of fellowships

The actual meaning of Church is gathering together in GOD’s name for prayer, word and worship in any building, road, forest, deserts, vehicles and so on, not just particular building called Church that might be 1000s of miles from believers. Many millennials have shortage of resources, time and energy to travel to these Church buildings filled with clerks for service which is not practical. They have not been taught that Church is not about building but meeting together in the name of the LORD.

  1. Everyday can be church day but not Sabbath day

Since Church is not building and place, but meeting of people in LORD’s name, it can be practiced every day or some days at regular intervals. But only seventh day is Sabbath Day as per Genesis and commandments of Moses.

  1. Misusing Sabbath Day

The Church leaders unknowingly have misused the Sabbath Day to assemble people due to established human traditions for easy service. Instead of organizing Church at regular intervals of days any where suitable, they illusion believers to attend Church buildings to observe Sabbath instead of fellowships. Sabbath is not gathering of people on so called Church day.

  1. Church isn’t Sabbath

Just as Church is not building, it’s not Sabbath as well. But people tend to give focus on Sabbath day to attend church buildings. Church is not rest, it’s fellowship which can happen any time anywhere in the world.

  1. Just because millennials doesn’t come to Church building doesn’t mean they have stopped believing

Millennials not attending church on Sabbath doesn’t signify their spiritual downfall. Church is not about observing Sabbath but gathering to prayer, share words and worship GOD. Even if they have not attending Church Day in Sabbath Day, they might have organized church many times a week somewhere else.

  1. The actual church

The leaders of the Church building in this adulterous generation are unaware that fellowships are the actual church. Say it house fellowship, prayer meeting, healing service, retreat, seminars etc. are also church. The actual church is breaking the bondage, sharing food with poor, clothing naked, visiting the imprisoned and helping persecuted families of Christ and not to hide from fellow believers during the time of need. It’s about carrying each other’s burden, not attending one day a building called Church on national holidays.

  1. Church is fellowship not political program-entertainment shows

Usually these days, you can see Church buildings are filled with programs and entertainers. There is welcoming session, formal preaching, worship, prayer and then ending program. All this while there is only one way interaction where the services turn into entertainment than fellowship. There is no fellowship because believers don’t talk to each other with songs, hymns, words and prayers to encourage each other. All they do is sit, stand, clap, sing, dance, and hear the entertaining preaching, songs and dances. And yes there are clerks and choir who try to entertain as well instead of fellowships.

After all the programs and entertainment gets over without fellowship, the believers disperse off to their respective homes. With this kind of mentality, it’s even hard to imagine Jesus amidst the church building goers, because Jesus doesn’t want programs and entertainment, he need actual fellowships (Church)-He said gather in my name and I will be there.  I was naked you did not clothe me, imprisoned you did not meet me, orphan and widow you did not care for me and hungry but you did not feed me.

  1. You don’t go to Church, You do Church

Church is fellowship; hence you do fellowship with believers with songs, hymn, prayers, worship, and word sharing by sharing the burden with feet washing services. You visit each other in trouble, feed when hungry and so on as explained above. As fellowship is done, so Church is done and we don’t go to it. If it’s only place to go then it’s wasting energy and resources, because even GOD doesn’t go to Church, he does Churches (Fellowships). Christ always did Churches instead of going to it. He healed, prayed, preached, what a perfect church doer and not goer. Church doing will lead to heaven, but just being church goer has devastating consequences after life.

  1. What about the Church buildings

If church (fellowship) can be organized anywhere then even so called buildings can be a place believers meet in the name of the LORD. The only thing is that this particular building should not be understood as only a place to organize fellowships. I am saying that building is not a church, but that building becomes church only when GOD’s people organize fellowship. I am saying that your friend’s house is not a church, but it becomes a church when people gather in GOD’s name. I am saying that desert is not church, but when people gather together to do fellowships then it’s a church (fellowship). Once Paul and Silas did church in prison where as Peter and John did church in front of crowds.

  1. True Churches (fellowships) of Apostles Days:

Yes, the Churches of Apostles met each day, prayed, shared words and bread with each other. They fulfilled each other’s need by selling their properties. Then they preached gospel to the world together by prayer and word ministry continuously accompanied with sign and wonders. They visited the imprisoned, cared for widows and healed sick. And LORD added new believers to their fellowships (Church). This is what true church is like.

If there is no fellowship, there is no Church because Church is fellowship.

I could write even more but, I know this much I already too much for right now.  If you want some more reasons, then please write to me.








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