GOD’s answer to my question, “Why do I need to pray?”

I have been fasting each week regularly since three weeks now by studying Bible, praying, worshiping and reading Christian books. Studying ‘Mighty Prevailing Prayer” by Wesly L. Duewel, I suddenly asked GOD question, “Why should I pray?” Slowly GOD showed me some important reasons for prayer that has increased my prayer habits.

Things are not under our control

There are inevitable, spiritual realm and natural laws beyond our control which can be controlled only by GOD. Often times circumstances happens all of a sudden without our knowledge for example an accident and sickness.. Only those who “Call on the name shall be saved,” from the things beyond human control

GOD doesn’t do many things unless we agree with GOD

GOD cannot do certain things in our life without our permission though he is master of everything given the free will gifted to humans. Even salvation to humans depends upon human’s agreement to follow GOD’s will and laws. It’s like we cannot join a company unless we sign an agreement with terms and conditions for the positions.

To know GOD’s will and suggestions to solve confusions

As humans our hearts are evil 24/7 with confusing imaginations contrary GOD’s will but prayer to reveal his wills throws away the confusion. During this adulterous generation we need to prayer even more harder to know GOD’s will because we lack prophets to reveal GOD’s will for us who would pray to reveal GOD’s will.

To have power to withstand temptations, weakness and battles

We have fleshly weakness leading to temptations. Jesus said, “Pray that you will not fall into temptation” in Matthew 26:41. The evil runs away only when rejected in the name of LORD JESUS. GOD is willing to fight for us only when we admit like 1Samuel 17:47 “The battle belongs to GOD” with declaration prayer.

To understand deep spiritual truth and situations

“Call and I will tell you things that you deep and mysterious” in Jeremiah 33:3. To understand GOD’s word, vision, dreams, and situations-we have to ask explanation and interpretation from GOD fasting and praying like Daniel and friends. We have to ask in prayer “LORD what are YOU trying to show and tell us?”

For forgiveness, needs fulfillment and thanking GOD

We cannot have forgiveness from our sins unless we pray, “LORD forgive our sins as we have forgiven those who sin against us.” The first step of repentance is always prayer. There are needs that can be made only by GOD in our lives such as healing from incurable diseases which can happen only when we pray. We can thank GOD only through prayer.

To anoint, baptize, start ministry, perform signs and miracles

There can be no anointing and baptisms without prayer. The starting of ministry, preaching and services can begin only after praying for GOD to be with us for participation. Hence sign and miracles happen only when prayer like Moses did raising stick or Apostles did in the name of Jesus.

For purifying

We can be pure hearted only when we repent in prayer with GOD’s word. Everything is made holy with prayer and word.


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