Making sure our mountains of plans are heavenly before it’s too late

Often we find ourselves amidst circumstances that emerge due to the plans we have for our lives especially those related to economic aspect of life to achieve success and prosperity that is counted in terms of wealth, status and popularity. We have to work hard and do lot of homework to achieve them or else we will end in failures and shame.

Purpose of mountains planned

Many plans are unable to be measured and forecast. It gets affected by inevitable, planners and investors becoming joy or grief to the planners because of the effort and economy. Men build their mountain of plans to sustain life, earn and maintain status to fulfill their needs.

Like minded needed for achieving the planned mountains

But, the mountains of plans can’t be achieved by single person; hence they need other like-minded experts and investors for achievement.  They have to work together, which sometimes end up in fights and factions or success.

Sadly some planned mountains don’t look similar to GOD’s mountain ‘ZION’

Only the will of GOD has prevailed since ancient days and all the other plans are just sinking sand. Men may plan their mountains and achieve it, but it will be taken as wasted energy in the sight of GOD if it’s not matching with heavenly mount ‘ZION’.

Dangers of planned mountains

There are always dangers in mountains of plans if it is against the command and will of GOD. During the time of flood, Noah was busy building arc as per the commandment, where as other people did many things to save themselves by running towards the highest peaks ultimately covered with water killing every living creature drowning the mountains 7 fit deep. If only men had similar plan to ascend mount Zion of GOD, there would be no flood.

Vain labors to planned mountains

Although men might achieve the plan they have drafted and thought, it will be deemed as vain labor if it is not matching with heavenly Zion depending upon the will-desire of GOD.  The foolish rich guy in Luke 12:13-21 thought he would build more stores, sell it to earn more, grow more and will rest. But GOD said to him, “Today you will die.” Wise Solomon’s Psalm 127:1 says, “If GOD himself does not build the house, the workers labor in vain.”

Build mountain plans for heavenly reward

All the works, plans and desires will be judged on the final day by Christ. If the foundations of plans were found negative to GOD’s will, all those works will be burnt and there will be no reward for such men after the test of fire said in 1 Corinthians 3:15.

Mountains of men and mount Zion

Mount Zion is the purpose and will of GOD for all humans. If this mount Zion which is purpose and will of GOD becomes our purpose then we will surely be rewarded as servants of GOD or else we will end up like the foolish rich guy of the parable.

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