Booklet Review on “Why Doesn’t GOD answer me?’


Booklet title: Why Doesn’t GOD answer me? Author: Ray Stedman  Published by Discovery House (2006)Adapted from Psalms: Folk Songs of Faith by Ray Stedman

Discovery Series booklets of 33 pages and three chapters : The times of doubt, Through the deep waters and The Shepherd of His people, entitled ‘Why doesn’t GOD answer me?’ provides answers underlining reasons for GOD silence during the times of doubt and trial with the experience of Asaph’s Psalm 77. Stedman explains how Asaph finally resolved his trouble times by meditating on GOD great deed of redemption in the past. GOD is in control of our situation who leads us like Shepherd not only to the still waters and green pastures but also through the valley of dark death where his stick and rod becomes our guiding tools with provisions.

“It is unrealistic to imagine that the Christian life, that any kind of life, can be lived without pain and doubt. The history of GOD’s people is a lengthy record of tragedies, catastrophes, problems, pain and yes, doubt.”

“In one sense the answer is as obvious as it is shocking: GOD was silent because He chose to be. His silence was intentional”

“The things you fear, fears him”

Stedman says to all the humanity that prayer and word are not techniques to solve trouble but instruments of intimacy between GOD and man. GOD’s silences in trials are necessary for maturity or else humans would be immature if they were granted everything with simple prayer and proclamation. It’s the time when we don’t roar and cry aloud but stay silent patiently waiting on GOD by meditating on his redemptive works and miracles of the past, knowing that He is a Shepherd leading in valley of death and green pastures with provisions and protections.

The booklet is available for free pdf downloads on

2 thoughts on “Booklet Review on “Why Doesn’t GOD answer me?’

  1. In childhood I always had this question, why God doesn’t answer me? But as I grew up that he did answer me, but the difference was that he answered when the time was right.
    I will try reading through this book.

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