My seniors said, “Men listen to rich preachers”

My senior church members said, “Men listen to the rich preacher having cars and wealth. Men don’t listen to poor preachers.” It was sad thing to hear.

Preacher doesn’t necessarily have to be wealthy

Look at 12 Apostles who gave up worldly riches and status for the sake of Kingdom. Pay careful attention to Moses – a prince who gave up luxury, power and wealth to suffer for Kingdom’s cause. Preaching is all about GOD and not men. “Not by power nor by strength but by my Spirit” said GOD to Zachariah. GOD is willing to work only through HIS Spirit not depending on wealth and poverty of men. Evangelism and ministry are about people listening to GOD rather than preacher.

Dangers of attracting people with wealth instead of genuine truth

There is danger of listeners willing to listen to men because of influence and wealth with expectation of economic benefits giving no concern for genuine truths. If men believe on GOD due to wealth, they will make Church a business hub rather than sacrificial ministry. There won’t be any evangelism but only pulpit preaching sessions with motive to win more wealthy men for membership than Kingdom citizenship.

It shows they don’t want to serve GOD genuinely

Such money minded people serve money and not GOD. We have all come across money minded so-called Christians choking the word of GOD from growing who pay attention to the world, money and worries allowing human’s to step the word of GOD and Satan to steal. Yet, they will always try to display WORD’s knowledge they have turned fruitless.

Some money minder’s try to buy Spiritual gifts

It’s important to recognize such money minded Word choking Christian with the help of fruits rather than gifts. Everyone is born with gifts but only few produce fruits. There will be fights, debates and factions among such unfruitful Christians boasting on their wealth. Some will even try to buy gifts with their money to occupy ministerial positions like Simeon the magician filled with bitter envy cursed by Peter in Acts 8:23.

It’s useless to try winning people to Christ with money

Men should be preached Christ both physically and spiritually without displaying any sign of lust of flesh, eyes and boasting of life which is practice of magic and idol worship. This is how false religion around the world attracts people in their faith system. King Saul had the habit of winning people’s heart and GOD’s blessing by sacrificing cursed wealth of Amalekites. Simon the magician wanted to do business with Peter buying Spirit’s gift. Both Peter and Samuel rebuked such magician and idol worshippers ending them with curses.



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