Hope and resurrection of fallen dead dry leaves

During the times of long-term trials, test and tribulation, this week I pictured myself as small fallen leaf of the green trees. Feeling completely wasted I said to myself with discouragement, “I am like those small fallen useless leaf.” until I was surprised when positive side of the small fallen leaves started rolling to my mind producing hope and life.


The usage of fallen leaves

Even fallen leaves of plants have hope and purpose. Soon they start drying under pressure, climate, rain, sun heat, night’s cold and dew often stepped down my humans and animals. With this process, fallen leaves start to decompose turning into manure for soil and the tree it once belonged. It may even be eaten by animals and burnt by humans for warmth and buried under soil for decomposition.

The fallen leaves change their properties

When it is decomposed, eaten and burned, it gets converted to carbon dioxide. The animals breathe out this carbon dioxide whereas plants breathe in carbon dioxide releasing oxygen in the air useful to living beings.

Practically fallen dry leaf has resurrected

The fallen dead leaf has resurrected. Once it was green in the presence of water, carbon dioxide and sunlight just as man of spirit, soul and body. But now it has decomposed to carbon dioxide finally converted to oxygen to be released in the air. It was once dead but now alive as oxygen full of life.

GOD said to me, “You are more than a leaf. You are a tree full of leaves and fruits.”

As I was writing about hope and resurrection of fallen leaf, GOD reminded me I am more than a leaf. “You are not leaf but a tree with many such leaves.” And GOD wills for us to be a tree that never loses the leaves. Pslams 1:3 says, “They will be like trees planted by the river banks that produce fruit in its season and never withers it’s leaves. They are prosperous in everything they do.”

GOD reminded, “You are more than a leaf. You are branch of tree full of fruits and leaves.”

Then GOD told me clearly that I could not be tree directly but branches of a tree able to produce fruits every season with green leaves of healing of Revelations 22:1-2. I was branch of a Tree of Life-Jesus Christ with 12 kinds of fruits and healing leaves. If I am on that Tree of Life as branch then I too would be counted as tree because a branch always needs support of tree that actually has roots to produce fruits and leaves. That Tree of Life and branch (Me) share the same water, trunk and roots.

Three things to remember when you feel you are like useless dried dead leaf:

  • When you think you are like fallen leaves, remember you are a branch of a tree having power to sustain fruits and leaves.
  • If GOD uses fallen leaves to produce life-giving oxygen how much more will he uses the tree to produce fruits of life and leaves of healing.
  • You actually lose the leaves and fruits if you are not sustained to that Tree of Life that sustains you.

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