This 6 year old of Nepal believed Christ from the secular school text book

Today I want to share my witness on how I believed Christ just by hearing about him for the first time in grade one. I am from Nepal-a land of over 80% Hindus, 10% Buddhist, 4 % Muslims, 3 % Kirats,0.45 % Christians and 0.4  others including Bon.

You see I was about six years old when I arrived in the Kathmandu city from my village. I really did not belong to rich family; hence I was sponsored for my education directly from class one with good results in a hostel operated by French sponsor supporting my school fees, food and accommodation.

Reading books during my study hours early in the morning, once I was surrounded by group of seniors. One of the senior girls of grade 8 was sitting opposite to me with her books wide open. I figured out she was reading about different religions of the world. A picture of bearded long-haired sketched face of one person of her text-book grabbed my attention.

I don’t know what happened but suddenly curiosity to know about this sketched face caused me to ask her, “Who is this person?”

She said, “He is Jesus Christ-the founder of Christian religion.” From that day on I innocently thought I was a Christian. I had prayed the same day I was first introduced about Christ in asking, “Jesus, convert my mother to Christianity.” He did convert her when I was just grade 7.Today I have many of my relatives believed on Christ.

Have you ever wondered that GOD can develop faith in us even through simple ways and my Christian faith is a proof. No big shot miracles, charismatic shouting, preaching, revelations, “come and Jesus will free you from your entire problem” types of message was ever needed for me to believe Christ. And I am really thankful to that secular grade 8 text books for introducing me to Christ with short history to produce faith and prayer.

Jesus said to his disciples in Luke 19:40, “If they stop shouting, then these stones will cry out.” GOD spoke to Moses through burning bush. John the Baptist said in Matthew3:9, “I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham.” A crow fed GOD’s servant Eliza. A fish provided a coin for Jesus to pay tax. A donkey saved a life by warning foolish Balaam-enemy of Jews.








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