My one article became ten articles at Christian website: It’s like reaping 100 fold fruits from one seed

Our GOD produced 100 fold fruits when Isaac sowed seeds amid heavy famine. (Genesis 26:12)

I was blessed in the same way for one of the articles I sent for faith based online news portal Youth Circle and But it was published in number one faith based Nepalese websites There were nine sub topics in the article, but the website administrator converted into record breaking ten individual articles under my name.

They had planned to publish one sub topic for each day, but due to technical problems all the subtopic individual article got published on the same day. I actually never thought of publishing the article in, but GOD had a greater plan.

 It looks accidental and technical problem but it was already well planned by GOD in advance. So you see, we may make plans but GOD’s purpose and plans always prevails.

Now most of the website page is filled with my article according to the picture I have pasted below.


The article consisted of 1,516 words. Article writing is not easy because we need many ideas under the guidance of Spirit. It usually consumes whole day with lot of energy and thinking and most of the bloggers and writers already know this.

I had given the article to be published last week on March29 but it got published on April 7. I had prayed hard which GOD answered in miraculous ways.

I have been informed that it will also be printed in magazine called ‘Youth Vision.’ Isn’t that amazing? Now that’s more than 100 fold fruit isn’t it?

Our GOD produces more than 100 fold harvests from one seed. Man makes plans but GOD’s plan always prevails and this testimony proves it.

Please do visit the website.


20 thoughts on “My one article became ten articles at Christian website: It’s like reaping 100 fold fruits from one seed

  1. Our God is so amazing! He surprises us each day with ideas that are out of this world. We begin to do what He says in our small capacity and He takes it and causes an explosion. No other God matches up to Jehovah!

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