I remember screening “Passion of the Christ” for my Church members on it’s first release date

The movie “Passion of the Christ” has been my favorite movie till date. It was 2004, February 25 for the release date of “Passion of the Christ”. I had been waiting patiently for the release of this movie since I first heard of it on 2003 about covering 12 hours of Jesus’s last times on earth from Garden of Gethsemane to Resurrection.

I want to share you a witness regarding screening this great movie to my church members. As soon as the movie had released in US and other parts of the world there was huge talks going on about it on the streamline medias and people.

Unfortunately it was not released on film halls of Nepal. But what I did was to find a CD and DVD shops where I could get the movie. Quite surprisingly I got it for my pocket money of Rs 50 in original print.

As soon as I got the movie “Passion of the Christ” DVD, I screened it to some of my friends in hostel and later to my church members on Saturday. I had to go to my friends house for showing it to the church members. I screened the movie for twice because church members were coming to watch the movie at different times.

Later, my friend told me to leave the movie DVD with her in home, so I am sure “Passion of Christ” was also shown to more people for a whole weak by my friend after I left it in her house. Later I gifted the movie to her as well.

“Passion of Christ” is a great movie and I rate if 5*****.Below is a witness of Jim Caviezel who played Christ in the movie, “Passion of the Christ.” and I wish you all “Happy Passover.”

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