Ashamed with my weak faith

It was on Saturday- a Church day in Nepal on 15th April amidst Passover and Resurrection celebration, I discovered my shameful faith.

I had attended a disable friendly church named Sundar Dhoka Sathi Church(Beautiful Gate Friend Church) of my paternal uncle and aunt. One of the mentally ill teenager asked me to pray for him. Without much hesitation I put my hands on his head to pray for the healing. Later, he asked me to pray for a person on wheel chair with foul smell. I put my hand on the head of this person on wheel chair for recovery, but he wasn’t healed.

I was embarrassed with my weak faith.

Yesterday night in my dream, one pregnant woman asked me pray for her in the hospital. I did pray but she wasn’t healed. And there was another guy in the grocery store requesting prayer for his healing from incurable disease. I pray laying hands on his head but he wasn’t healed. Now these two cases were my dream.

I am embarrassed with my weak faith even in my dreams.

I feel GOD is displaying serious cases to me where I have been impotent and spiritually unprepared for his ministry.

I just prayed, “GOD, I am sorry for my weak faith, but YOU can do it despite my faith. YOU are greater than my faith.”

4 thoughts on “Ashamed with my weak faith

  1. Our sermon today was from Mark where the disciples wake Jesus because they fear the waves are taking down the boat. Jesus rebukes the waves and scolds the disciples of their weak faith. Interesting. Where could we all be if we were more bold in our faith… It’s easier said then done!

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    1. ya..we are helpless…we are humans…we have faith…but i believe our faith is not enough though…will of GOD is bigger..we might sometimes believe GOD for wrong reasons….for example some disciples wanted to bring down fire when some enemies tried persecuted Jesus…i understand it’s not only about our faith but GOD’s will…

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      1. Absolutely about God’s will in the end. He works ALL things for the good of those who love Him….So even in our weak faith, He, being Lord of Lord and King of Kings, can work it for good. Thank goodness for that!!! The Bible is filled with these kinds of people. 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Gadol! Mr. Owl will be on his way to you soon in the Around the WorldPress Amazing Race! 😉 —-Christina

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