A miracle for my laptop battery

I just tried to operate my laptop this morning wishing to read PDF of Miracles by CS Lewis. Something unexpected happened, the laptop wasn’t turning on despite charging it’s battery to full before I went to sleep the previous night.

I again clicked the power button and discovered blinking red signal meaning the laptop had run out of battery. I thought “But had charged it to full before I went to sleep, what’s wrong with the battery.”

I plugged in the charger which consequently helped to turn on the laptop showing white signal meaning now computer was charging.

When desktop screen showed up, i was shocked to find that battery was fully 100% charged. Seeing it was already 100% charged, I unplugged the power charger. But then it showed batter power was 0% with red x signal. Then I plugged in the charger just to discover battery charged to 100% again.

Sensing my laptop battery was possibly damaged I called on the name of the LORD saying, “LORD please heal this battery”

Then I unplugged the charger. This time battery was 100% fully charged even after unplugged. For a moment I thought it might have been coincidence. Then I recounted myself that miracles often look like coincidence, but it is actually working of GOD.

Thanks to GOD for healing my laptop battery. I often have my prayer answered by GOD when I prayed for gadgets and this is one of the example.

May be GOD was trying to teach me GOD really perform miracles before I read CS Lewis’s book “Miracle” to remind me the real miracles belong to GOD.


4 thoughts on “A miracle for my laptop battery

  1. I LOVE this!!! We shouldn’t be afraid to come to God to ask for anything, laptop batteries, good parking spots when our arthritis is hurting us, whatever it may be. He is a good, good Father and he wishes the best for us! ❤ Thanks for sharing this story!!!

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