Secret of associating with right people and staying away from wrong ones|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

The experts conduct workshops, seminars and sermons on associating with right kind of people. It is well to associate with like minded people to come in common terms with emotions, opinions and acts. The most effective way for associating can happen when mission, vision, dreams, revelations and ministries become common drivers of associates. It’s more like a joint venture, partnerships, collaborations and joint account schemes where there is equal share of the profits, work and savings. Don’t yoke together with non-believers says. It’s wise to keep away from those not aiding in the growth towards achieving GOD given visions, missions and dreams by giving less priority as they could be harmful. Instead always look towards people who is contributing even small amount of their effort to push you up towards the directions of GOD given vision by paying due respect with top priority.

2 thoughts on “Secret of associating with right people and staying away from wrong ones|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

  1. I absolutely agree that we need to be careful with whom we associate, lest we fall into traps with them. However, at the same time, I feel we need to be very careful that we don’t fall into the trap of isolating ourselves as Christians and staying in our little, safe Christian bubbles. I firmly believe we are called to INFILTRATE not ISOLATE…we are called to save the lost and the broken, to bring the gospel to ALL mankind, and we can’t do that if we are always sticking with those who are already saved…less priority, yes maybe, although sometimes those who are not saved already are those who should be at the top of our list? food for thought… 😉

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  2. ya…you are correct….it’s different with those not saved…but when it comes to those who know everything about and yet go in the way of Judas Iscariot is quite shocking…especially those who try to stop the vision accomplishment…as far as saving thing is rarely depends on our part because it’s a personal walk with GOD…people like Peter was saved again and again because of Christ’s initiation alone…if only people had the habit of listening to GOD everything would go hand in hand..but what if they are rebellious..sometimes we have to come out of fairy land of trying to make everything possible…i worry for people like Saul, Judas, Solomon, Ahab and whole lot of other bunches….i better run away from people coming with false doctrines too even if it means isolation,,,


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