Book Review “The Miracle: A Preliminary Study” By CS Lewis


The Miracle: A Preliminary Study (1947)

Author: CS Lewis

Publisher: Harper Collins e-books

In the world of modernity, the existence of miracle is far apart but CS Lewis in his best wits brings out the arguments of miracles with the concept of nature and super nature followed by distinctively two groups of people naturalist and super naturalist. Between these two comes sub nature. On the other hand the reasons solely happen by the intellect that is far behind natural laws, thus proving that there is greater force than nature. Talking about the laws of nature believed by almost everyone, the writer presents how exceptional things have happened outside the law of nature and expectations of man which could be termed as miracle. The virgin birth is explained as grand miracle followed by the Old Testament miracles and New Testament miracles where GOD over powers the creation. The resurrection and ascension of Jesus is another miracle quite unique as ‘Corn king’ in other mythologies. Somehow Christ is the only ‘Corn king’ in reality to give genuine life to mankind. The book is an answer to question, “Do miracles occur?”

“All things and event are so completely interlocked that no one of them can claim the slightest independence from the ‘whole show’ pg 13

No doubt, events which we in our ignorance should mistake for miracles might occur: but they would in reality be (just lie the commonest events) an inevitable result of the character of the whole system. Pg 16

Reasoning doesn’t happen to us: we do it. Every train of thought is accompanied by what Kant called, ‘I think’ pg 28

A miracle is therefore the most improbable of all events. Pg 81

The mind which asks for a non-miraculous Christianity is a mind in process of relapsing form Christianity into mere ‘religion’. Pg 103

‘The Miracle’ has presented argument on miracle in Christianity and other religions. Some common belief of resurrected corn king deity in each religion based on nature is fulfilled in reality in case of Christ on historical basis.  Christ was more than tribal ‘corn king’ fable. He was GOD incarnate man through virgin birth displaying his powers over natural laws by subduing death by resurrection and then ascension to heaven with the promise of returning back for redemption of his people.

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