The reasons I rejected offer of Bible College for theological studies.

Serving GOD is about Call not qualifications

Serving GOD is call, anointing, chosen and faithfulness. It has little to do with qualifications. We can’t get the Spirit of GOD and Gifts by going to Bible College. It’s about Power not about mere learnt knowledge.

Theology is replacing revelation

By this time, I was already aware that theology was replacing revelations. Forget about theology, many unbiblical doctrines and dogmas have come up in these theological colleges that choke true WORD of GOD.

Intelligent brain but dirty heart

 Bible College usually increases our knowledge but cannot necessarily transform our hearts. Understanding of GOD’s word comes with experience. The GOD starts to reveals the secrets of the Bible after we study them fervently.

Focused on denominational theology

Bible Colleges are interested on denominational theology. Especially in Korea where new emerging Christians believe, practicing and teaching whatever they like.

Westernized, Modern, Formal and Professional theology dangers

Most Bible colleges are focused on modernity and westernization. They try to make graduates more formal and professional with influences of worldly philosophy, motivational speaking and self-help norms more critical than denominational theologies.

Pride of knowing all

Bible College could make like ‘I know it all’ guy. I know more than common believers who are more sincere in Bible reading and GOD’s call just because I have been to so called business Bible institutes.

No reformative works

It has about 2000 years since Christianity has advanced coming up with many such non-sense denominations and pagan influences. Yet, neither of Bible College is focused on correcting those errors and turning the world into right direction.

Expensive courses

You know Bible Colleges are very expensive these days. This shows that only rich privileged ones have access to those expensive teachings helping them to build career in Christianity.

Most Bible College is about business

It’s been almost 12 years since I had desire to join Bible College. As I grew up I got to know most of the Bible Colleges were doing business instead of preparing GOD’s servants.






2 thoughts on “The reasons I rejected offer of Bible College for theological studies.

  1. True true true!!… I went to Bible college … but the call came later and it wasn’t even for the youth ministry I was trained in at Bible College… Jesus disciples were not the learned ones … they were the called ones… You are spot on brother !

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  2. Thanks…Bible college is purely business for those who want to earn out of teaching Bible….sadly it depends upon the theology of denominations other than teachings of Jesus


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