GOD’s direction-a difficult issue to teach

I was asked by my Pastor to prepare sermon for the Sabbath service which led me to pray , “GOD, What do you want me to say to believers?” The answer was prompt, “GOD’s direction”

This issue was very difficult for me though I had always tried to live according to GOD’s ways and guidance in life. It took me about two weeks to prepare the sermon on the topic but still I really found that I was not able to grasp with clarity on the issue. I had prepared almost 100 sermons last year, but non of them was based on GOD’s direction.

Finally I wrote the sermon about three pages in MS-Word with the help of some verses and some important points while covering the ‘GOD’s direction’ in life.

One is seeking the GOD’s kingdom and righteousness first. Second is to seek GOD’s will in our lives in every areas. All this can be done only when we sit to listen and study the WORD of GOD, praying for GOD’s will and neglecting the worldly worries. Living according to GOD’s commands and will are best ways to live according to GOD’s directions.

But I was still not so deep into this topic, yet I taught  the believers. I couldn’t teach well but still I got a good response from the believers. My aim was to plead the believers to live according to GOD’s ways instead of focusing on worldly worries and I did this in a very serious tone.

I would be glad if some of you would write some articles on your blog about “God’s guidance’ so that we would be able to live according to HIS will and know more about GOD’s guidance. 







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