Dreams and visions are different thing

Up until last Sunday, I always understood dreams are visions are same thing. And there are lot like me who think this way and I am already 28 years old Christian since childhood.

GOD suddenly gave me this revelation of Dreams are totally different from Visions given by GOD on two day Mobile Bible Training session while a preacher Amee from Fizzi was explaining the ways GOD speaks to his servants. He really did not tell Dream are different from Visions, but I did remember verses from Bible where GOD promised to pour out Spirit to given Visions and Dreams to his servants in Joel 2:28, that finally opened my eyes to understand seeing Dreams are different from seeing Visions.


Ok let me tell you what they are:

Dreams: are dreams we dream when we are asleep like Joseph, Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar. I happens when our eyes are closed during sleep. It needs interpretations to understand, because it’s not easy to understand unless GOD gives the interpretations and revelations just has Joseph and Daniel professed to Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar.

Visions: Visions are those spiritual realms and god’s visual presentations to your prayers while you are still awake. The prophet Ezekiel, Apostle John, prophet Zachariah and many other prophets saw the visions with wide eyes opened. GOD even asked, “What do you see? in Ezekiel 47:6. Here the vision viewers even have experiencing the things they say by being trance during prayers and worship as was common with Apostle John and Prophet Ezekial. Once Peter saw same vision for three-time and GOD asked him to eat the clean and unclean birds. John tasted the scroll.

With this I also understand what Revelation is. Because I having revelations is important to understand visions and dreams. Without revelations their can be no interpretations and understanding of visions and dreams.

Revelations: Revelations is the explanations of meaning by GOD for the visions, dreams and Words we are unable to understand. Joseph, Daniel, Ezekiel and John had to ask GOD the meaning of the things they saw in Dreams and Visions. They often prayed and fasted and GOD sometimes repeats the visions and dreams to deeply impress on the servants to grab attentions and seriousness. Without revelations dreams and visions cannot be understood, because revelations give interpretations for dreams and visions.

Thanks GOD for giving me such wisdom to understood the difference between Vision, Dream and Revelation.

Where there is no vision and revelation, there men perish. But who keeps Law is happy. Proverbs 29:18

Vision, Dream and Revelations must always direct us to live and act according to GOD’s word, guidance and Spirit.




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