Be like Pinehas while making judgments

You know what instead of following the crowd and misusing the GOD’s word to allow the society to be more’s better to have better and greater understanding of GOD’s word. Judge in such a way that your judgments lead to righteousness, if it doesn’t stop won’t do any good. But if you aren’t judging that needs to be judged, then again you have already judged falsely. So 24/7, 365 days a year we cannot live without making judgement. Because in the end life is all about distinguishing good from evil and this distinction does not take place unless we judge what is good and bad. Only if Adam and Eve would have judged tree of knowledge of good and evil not fit for eating as per GOD’s word everything would be all right, but if they had judged it utterly impure for everything they would have made wrong judgments because “GOD saw everything that he had made and indeed it was very good.So there was evening, and there was morning 6th day.” Genesis 1:31.

The tree of GOOD and EVIL off course was perfect in it’s beauty to be in the Garden, just as ass is perfect in the body parts with it’s function to excrete. But people use ass for sex as well just as Adam and Eve used fruit of knowledge of GOOD and EVIL for food and pride. So doing sex with ass can be judged as wrong just as first humans consuming the forbidden fruit. If we can’t judge between right and wrong in the case of anal sex, most probably we are senseless mad person. And if the anal sex is wrong, the practitioners of anal sex are wrong as well. This was just an illustration, there are plenty other examples and historical accounts. Eating forbidden fruit did have certain advantage but it had serious side effects too-death, sin similar to anal sex that has certain advantage but does have dire health and spiritual deterioration. GOD was angry over Sodom and Gomorrah over such anal sex perverts in the first place and executed judgement saving life of LOT.

So you see, Judgement can save and destroy. Remember those Israelites in the deserts who were killed and saved after judgement. Thank GOD there was this great Aronic priest Pinehas to execute great judgement and saving rest of the remnants just as LOT was saved by GOD.

Don’t judge simply means Don’t judge wrongly in this sense. It simply means do judge godly, righteously and correctly that is able to produce fruit of righteousness.

Then Pinchas stood up and executed judgment;
so the plague was checked.

That was credited to him as righteousness,
through all generations forever

                          PSALM 106:30-31.. CJB


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