Book review ‘Women and the Kingdom’


Women and the Kingdom

Author: Faith and Roger Forster

Published by: Copyright© Lockman Foundations, 1960

Beginning with the criticism of patriarchy statements made by Turtulian-an early Catholic Church father ‘Woman and the Kingdom’ takes you to Biblical context and understanding in the role of Woman in GOD’s Kingdom irrespective of emerging and traditional doctrines against woman. Touching the traditional Jewish writings and teachers, Forster pinpoints that the early society was highly patriarchy even amidst so called GOD’s chosen people as they did not want woman to exercise the authority.

Forster goes deep into explaining the controversial doctrines of Paul concerning woman in a positive tone though Paul claims such practices prevalent in GOD’s church. Early Pharisaical writing and Paul’s opinion did not show any difference about woman’s submission and quietness while gathering for mass. However Roger informs that submission and quietness is practice of authority too. He highlights there were female leaders, prophets and preachers by citing names such as Phoebe, Priscialla, Deboraa, Hulda, Esther, Miriam, Martha, Mary among many others. God has placed woman and man with different gifts and responsibilities but man have always tried to dominate woman in expanding GOD’s kingdom.

Forster finally accepts that Paul has some way incorporated the writings of Jewish patriarch scholars while asking woman to be quiet and not to talk in the church because the Law of Moses never instructs woman to keep quiet.

Rating: *****/***** must read


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