My life of translating English Christian Books into Nepali version

Hi, everyone thanks for your kind support, prayer and encouragement through yourrogar-and-faith-retreat-720x505 blogs that I go through. I just want to tell you these days I am translating English Christian books of Roger and Faith Forster of Ichthus Christian Fellowship from UK. Last week I just posted a book review on “Women and the Kingdom‘ by Roger and Forster and let me tell you I am distributing the Nepali Version of it that was translated a few months ago.

woman and kings

Currently I am translating reading his book ‘Prayer’ which I think is a very good book. I am happy to present English translated books to the Nepali Christians for their spiritual growth and prosperity. We were able to print 1000 copies of Nepali version of ‘Woman and the Kingdom’. I also want to thank Roger and Faith Forster amid my bloggers for providing great opportunity to translate the books along with salary payments.

I am going to write a book review on ‘Prayer’ by written Roger Forster once I finish translating it. Right now I am in the 6th Chapter of the book entitled “Praying Biblical Prayers.” You can refer to Amazon, Goodreads and other online book selling websites.


Prayer is essential part of Christian life and I have written some articles earlier in my blog. Most significant was Meaning of Prayer in one word. Once people know need of prayer in their lives, they will never forget to take time from GOD for prayer. It’s better for my blogging seniors and contemporaries to purchase ‘Prayer’ and read it because it has many insights in it. I was quite shock to find some needy revelations Roger shared from his writing.

If you want to know more about Roger Forster and Faith Forster then follow the Links: Roger Forster in WikipediaIchthus Christian Fellowship,

GOD bless YOU all.




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