Dangers while Fasting|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

The motive to change GOD’s heart is wrong with fasting when GOD doesn’t issue ultimatum and deadlines for repentance, prayer and fasting. For those fasting for more power to rule and look down on others, Satan will be there to give power just as he tried to give Jesus by telling him, “If you bow to me, I will give you everything,” for 40 days and nights despite pure motives. Moses couldn’t change the will of GOD with 40 days fast in destroying Israelite neither was David able save his dead son with 7 days fasting. Keeping away from GOD’s word is greatest trap during fasting because fasters may end up praying contrary to GOD’s will. Faster’s will is the greatest danger while fasting, because fasting is all about rejecting ourselves. Most people waste time, energy, health and money while fasting for hypocrisy against GOD’s will.


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