Don’t hide what’s given to you|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

A servant entrusted with one coin hid the one coin under earth due to which his master was angry enough to snatch that one coin and hand it to the one who had earned five more coins. The other two had invested with risk to make more coins. 2 Kings 7 talks about four lepers initially hiding food, clothes, silver, gold and cattle from the tents of enemies during the time of severe famine. But later they perceived of committing sin leading to punishment by hiding things from rest of starving Israelites and decided to make it public so that everybody could survive. The food including other plunders was sold to Israelites. The four lepers had risked life to discover and share good news to save others. Let’s not hide good news of Jesus victory over enemies but proclaim it from roof tops. For whoever has more will be given more and who lacks will lose even what they have. Nobody hides the lamp underneath bed, but they keep it outside to give light to everyone. The City founded on hill cannot be hidden.


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