Recovering borrowed-lost|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

2 kings 6:5-7 displays an incident where one of the prophets lose his borrowed axe in river Jordan while cutting down tree for constructing a shelter. Then Prophet Elisha cuts down piece of wood and throws into the river causing axe to float on surface helping prophets to recover drowned axe. Similarly wooden cross of Christ helps us to recover things we borrowed and lost. Since Adam’s fall humanity suffered loss of authority gifted from GOD, but divine providence of Christ’s crucifixion fixed to recover the authority. Not only was earthly authority recovered but also Jesus gave authority to bind and lose heavenly realms with the weapon of faith that once Adam lost. Just as heavy axe floated on river water after wooden stick was thrown into river, likewise we recover our faith and authority floating in heavenly places due to crucifixion of sacrificial Christ on wooden cross


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