Prisoners of hope || 15 Seconds Wisdom

There are trouble times when every true believer goes through period of trials and harshness. If a believer has not been able to go through trouble times for Christ’s Kingdom, there is certainly lack of Christly hope in them. The end product of suffering in Christ is hope as stated in Romans 5: 3-5. This is how a true believer can gain hope in Christ when they learn to suffer while obeying his commands and Words. Even if they are sentenced in prison, they chose to become prisoners of hope as Zachriah 9: 12 puts it “Return to your fortress, you PRISONERS of HOPE. Even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.” Those choosing to become Prisoners of Hope has promises from GOD to be restored of everything they have lost during the times of suffering. Job was right, it’s GOD who gives and takes away. But when HE gives- HE gives twice or more to recover the lost for the PRISONERS of HOPE.


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