Who do you fast and feast? 15 Seconds Wisdom

For thousands of years humans feasted and fasted since the creation. Some consider fasting and feasting as ritual to glad themselves because for them life is all about ‘eat, drink, sleep, work and pray.’ But GOD is asking some serious questions in Zachariah 7:5-6 “Was it really for me that you fasted. Were you just not feasting for yourselves?” Sadly, most of us do fast and feast for ourselves. GOD is demanding us to fast and feast for him. In extreme cases believers tend to feast themselves even on the special days ordained for LORD such as Christmas, Yom Kippur and Breaking bread. There are special days such as Sabbath where people do whatever they want- be it in church or homes and workplaces. We have little concern for what GOD is demanding of us through his fasts and feasts. Everything is wasted unless we do it in the name of the LORD and for the LORD. Let not our fasts, prayer, worship and feast go wasted for doing for ourselves instead of the ONE who ordained and created them.


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