Pharisee Simon-the Leper who judged correctly || 15 Seconds Wisdom

 Out of all the judgment norms and lessons Jesus taught people have misunderstood and misused his “Don’t judge” thing. But if you ever read Luke 7: 36-50 there is a sinful Pharisee Simon the leper who invites Jesus for hospitality and is known for making right judgment. A very sinful woman came anointing feet of Jesus disgusting disciples and Simon. At this moment everyone are judging incorrectly condemning generous woman in a way disgusting to JESUS. Then Jesus tells them a parable of two  forgiven men by their master- one with low debt and other with high debt. Jesus asked them Luke 7: 42 ‘Now which of them will love master more‘ to which Simon answered Luke 7: 43 ‘I suppose the one whom he cancelled the larger debt’ and Jesus said to Simon amidst everyone in Luke 7:44 ‘Your Judgement is correct’ Hence it is very important to make right JUDGEMENT.


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