Is That Really You, GOD ? Book Review

Author : Loren Cunnigham          Publisher: YWAM Publishing 1984,2001,2010

May be you are confused and don’t know the directions of your life. Every one is running some where, but you feel you aren’t anywhere and belong to no man’s island. May be you are desiring to hear the voice of your Creator. 

Is That Really You, GOD ? by Loren Cunningham is a book filled with witness of a young man who heard a GOD’s voice calling him to prepare uncountable youngsters for missionary works around the globe for spreading gospel. Lot more far away from doctrinal issues, Is That Really You, GOD ? is a lifetime lessons learnt by Cunningham while learning to walk the life of faith as per the voice and inspiration of GOD.  And it’s about realizing HIS VOICE that’s important.

May be you want to shine as stars, but that won’t happen until we hear to voice of GOD in each steps of our lives rooted in the WORD, Character and Voice of GOD. If anyone wants to give light to world as missionary, Is That Really You, GOD? takes you to life of a man adventuring to rediscover GOD’s working through youths in a mission field last commissioned by Jesus “To go an preach good news to all creation”. It’s a story of how Youth With a Mission (YWAM) came into being to carry out the last commission of Jesus to spread the good news, baptize, make disciples, heal and carry miracles of JESUS.

 Memorable quotes : 

“GOD want’s us to focus our attention on HIS calls not on tools.” Pg 186

“Living the Christian Life is difficult. There is only one thing harder. That’s not being Christian. The price that you pay to follow me is far less than price you have to pay not to follow me.” Pg 162

“The LORD will lead us to victory, but success itself is the most dangerous obstacle to properly hearing the voice of GOD.” Pg 115

“Don’t talk about guidance unless GOD gives you the permission to do so”



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